Our Teen and Young Adult Drop In Center



Our new Drop In Center – The Zone, offers transition aged youth and young adults an after school “home base” that is drug free and offers Peer Counseling support and other Behavioral Health services.


Open Monday through Friday
3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri:  Ages 16 – 25
Every Thursday:  Middle School Afternoons @ The Zone     Ages 10 – 15
415 Broadway Paducah, KY 42001
(next to Four Rivers Behavioral Health in downtown Paducah)
(270) 444 – 3608



TAYLRD (Transition Age Youth Launching Realized Dreams) is a new way to REACH OUT to youth and young adults ages 16-25 who are struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues. Peer Specialists who are young people with lived behavioral health  experience and are specially trained to support young people with behavioral health issues are the key to engaging these young people in much needed services and supports.

The hope is that by providing these services and supports in an environment that is engaging to youth and young adults, this will CAPTIVATE their attention, and they will feel a sense of belonging and have a strong voice in their own recovery. The focus is on empowering young  people  by  providing SUPPORT that interests them, such as peer support services, employment and education supports and career planning, life skills supports, medication supports, support in health care navigation, and age specific and developmentally appropriate behavioral health services.

What are young people saying about TAYLRD?

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Maddie* was placed in foster care as a young child. There she experienced trauma, and not knowing what else to do, she began to use substances. By age 20, she was battling addiction and mental health issues. She struggled to find stable employment and housing. Maddie felt her life was going nowhere, and she lived day to day. Then she found TAYLRD, where she received support services from peers who know what it is like to live through tough circumstances. She also received supported employment and other services that helped her improve her life. The Morehead Drop-in Center gave her a safe place to go to stay away from drugs and reduce relapses. The Peer Specialists at the Drop-in Center provided support and encouragement toward  sobriety and other personal goals as well as actively listening to what Maddie was going through. As a result, Maddie’s confidence grew, and she developed the social skills to make friends. She receives mental health counseling and is part of an Intensive Outpatient Program through Pathways. Without TAYLRD, she feels she would still be on drugs and might even be homeless. Now she is a member of the Morehead Drop, and she says it benefits her greatly.


At 21, Michaela’s* life was “unorganized, stressful, and depressing”. She wanted to get back into college but was having trouble reaching her goals. Through TAYLRD, she was able to get help with independent living skills and study skills to get her on the right track. She also received peer support and community support services. Peer Specialists at TAYLRD drop-in centers are young people who have been through tough situations and can offer their understanding and support. Michaela found that support in the Peer Specialist at the Ashland Drop. The drop-in center gave her a safe place to go for guidance and encouragement. Michaela says because of TAYLRD she feels like she can be a lot more successful and has a better chance of making something of herself. She has already gotten her driver’s license and a new job. She is working on getting a car and raising her test scores so she can get back into school. Without TAYLRD, she says it would have been harder to achieve her goals.


At 19, Jordan* was homeless and unemployed. He felt his life was “horrible”. Through TAYLRD, he was able to receive peer support services and mental health  counseling. The Peer Specialist at the Morehead Drop helped Jordan with looking for jobs, researching what he’d need to do to get his GED, and getting his name changed to reflect his gender identity. The drop-in center provided a safe place for him to go for support and encouragement. Jordan says that the Peer Specialists at the Morehead Drop are easy to talk to and make him feel welcomed. Jordan says he really enjoys coming to the Morehead Drop to participate in activities and make new friends. He believes if it weren’t for TAYLRD he’d be emotionally unstable and homeless. Because of TAYLRD, he says his depression has decreased and his self-esteem has greatly improved. He now has steady employment, and crisis recovery has been smoother than he thought it would be.


Nia* felt her life was “complicated” and very disorganized. She was trying to find her way as she transitioned into adulthood, but she felt all alone. At 20 years old, Nia said she was trying to find herself, figure out how to get mentally stable, and find a job, but she didn’t know how to do it on her own. At the Louisville Drop-in Center she was able to get help with her mental health and various other challenges to make her life better. Nia says TAYLRD has changed her life dramatically. According to her, TAYLRD helped her get the resources she needed to get her driver’s permit, find out about job opportunities and the references she’d need for them, as well as discover what she needed to do to secure stable employment. In her words, “TAYLRD helped me get the motivation I need to change my life for the better.” The drop-in center is there when she needs support, and she says everyone who works there has helped her to the best of their ability. Nia has made important life changes since coming to the drop-in center, and she believes without TAYLRD, she wouldn’t be in the place she’s in now.


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The Zone

415 Broadway,
Paducah, KY 42001
(next to Four Rivers Behavioral
Health in downtown Paducah)

Four Rivers Behavioral Health

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers a variety of programs designed specifically for children and teens. In addition to the Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers a Partial Hospitalization Program for adolescents, a complete Testing & Assessment Center to help determine the best course of action for children with mental health concerns as well as an entire clinical staff dedicated to children who need behavioral health treatment.

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